• Real-Time Applications Real-Time Applications

    Our best of breed interactive applications are fully featured, customizable and configurable.

  • Social Content Curation Social Content Curation

    Pull in real-time streams of social data from across the web and visualize it in engaging and innovative ways.

  • Developer Platform Developer Platform

    StreamHub is the market leading platform for real-time application development and customization, with a full developer ecosystem.

Content, Brands, and Ads Enter the Social Spectrum

Digital publishers, media/entertainment companies, advertisers and brands can transform your websites and mobile apps into a hub that is just as engaging as social networks. How can StreamHub help you build and manage real-time, social experiences?

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Drive user-generated content through

Real-Time Applications

Our best of breed applications are fully featured and customizable, enabling you to integrate real-time, social experiences into your websites and mobile apps. Through our simple moderation panel, you can change between application formats in one click, and create the environment that best fits the needs of your audience and content. And by streaming massive amounts of real-time content from across the social web, including Tweets, Vines, Facebook posts, Instagram images, RSS feeds and more, you can make your site a hub for community while maintaining control over the content.

  • Sidenotes™
  • LiveComments™
  • LiveBlog™
  • LiveChat™
  • LiveReviews™
  • Polls
  • Sidenotes™

    Focused comments. In context. Anywhere on the page.

    Sidenotes inspires more focused conversations by allowing readers to engage directly with content — a quote, a paragraph, an image — anywhere on a page. By inviting readers to interact and share your content as they read, Sidenotes lowers the barrier for engagement, increases time on site and can boost conversational civility.


    Sidenotes is mobile-ready, SEO optimized, and is included with every subscription to LiveComments and Community Comments.

  • LiveComments™

    Turn every piece of content into a real-time conversation.

    Turn every piece of content into a real-time conversation with LiveComments™. Livefyre leads the market with a robust feature set including truly real-time posts, mobile compatibility, SEO optimized content, social login, listener count and a comment notifier. And with media-rich embedding options, users can post videos, songs, images and more, right into the comment stream.

    coment_widget Because of our real-time capabilities and unique social features like friend tagging, NASCAR has seen a 160% increase in onsite engagement year over year when they integrated our LiveComments™ on their website.

  • LiveBlog™

    Become the live news source.

    Feature real-time updates and images from your site’s own editors when covering a live event and turn your site into an engaging news source. This is a great option for multiple editors who will be reporting from live events including product reveals, award programs, television premieres, sporting events and press conferences. For the new XBox launch, Gamespot hosted a LiveBlog™ that featured photos, live coverage and analysis from designated bloggers on-location. As a result of this engaging real-time coverage, there were over 30,000 listeners on the site during the announcement.


  • LiveChat™

    Spark real-time conversation about live events.

    Audiences can engage in real-time conversation surrounding live events, announcements and entertainment shows. Content appears as a continuous, real-time stream of unthreaded conversation to facilitate rapid conversation and maximize energy on a page. chat_1

    chat_2 When the new Pope announcement was impending, Fox News quickly set up a page with streaming live video coverage, articles and a LiveChat™ featured prominently. Because of the immense amount of real-time content shared during this important announcement, there were nearly 100k listeners tuned in at a time, making the Fox News site a leading news source for the coverage.

  • LiveReviews™

    Get more opinions from a trusted source.

    Create a community of reviewers, adding a new level of trust and engagement to your website. A suite of social features like friend tagging and social sharing allows feedback to go further than the comment box. And with a mobile responsive design, users can review on-the-go.


  • Polls

    Give your audience a voice.

    Livefyre Polls enables you to easily create and publish simple and fun single-question polls to your site to gauge audience feedback, garner opinions or to increase clicks inside of an ad or page. Polls can be used as a stand-alone experience or in conjunction with other Livefyre applications such as LiveComments or LiveMediaWalls, and can be customized to match the look and feel of your site.

    Polls App

Integrate real-time content from around the web with

Social Content Curation

StreamHub:Curate is revolutionizing the way brands and publishers produce content and engage their communities. We have an extensive suite of apps that enable you to curate, filter and display social content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other social network in real-time. Fully customizable and configurable, you can use them to create beautiful experiences that will engage and entice users – online, in-store, in mobile apps or at live events. With StreamHub, your brand can be just as engaging as as social network.


Stream live images and other content aggregated from Instagram, Twitter, Vine and more into a real-time media wall, visualizing all activity surrounding an event so that even those following remotely feel like they are there. Display LiveMediaWalls on big screens at live events, or add it to your website to ensure that your site is the go-to destination for live event coverage.

Watch LiveMediaWall In Action


StreamHub:Curate customers also have access to our App Gallery, which includes an extensive offering of social visualizations that can either stand alone or complement the LiveMediaWall, turning your website or microsite into a comprehensive Social Hub. Apps include a real-time Map to surface social content based on where people are posting from and Hot Collections to showcase what’s trending across your website or social network.

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Get Your Hands Dirty with the

Developer Platform

StreamHub is the market leading platform for real-time application development and customization for large enterprises. All Livefyre customers are equipped with a full library of APIs, web and mobile SDKs, sample application code and current documentation. Our Javascript SDK allows you to build your own web applications, data visualizations and other experiences, and embed them into any website or mobile app, using StreamHub’s real-time backend.

  • Everything in our app gallery also includes sample code and Developer Documentation so you can develop and customize your own social apps.

  • And since Livefyre is a believer in bringing social everywhere, we also have mobile APIs and SDKs for both iOS and Android so you can build your own branded native mobile apps and have complete control over the user interface.

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