Make every moment a story

Storify 2 gives content teams the tools to create their own evergreen and live blog stories, uniting traditional storytelling with engaged audiences.

Better, faster story coverage

Give your teams a single place to collaborate, craft and publish social stories. Simplify content creation to better engage your audience.

Audiences evolve. So should your content.


of marketers are under pressure to create assets and deliver campaigns faster than ever before


of marketers need to create 10x more content than 2 years ago


increase in viewer engagement when exposed to both professional and user-generated content

Here’s how storify 2 evolves content creation

Real-time collaboration

Built for the social newsroom, wherever you find it. Allow multiple editors to simultaneously update, review and publish your story from anywhere.

Create stories wherever you find them

Post content and shape your narrative on the fly with our powerful mobile app.

One place for all your content needs

Craft authentic stories with content from your team and community. Drag and drop content to group audience moments. Quickly search, filter and publish social content from your owned assets and across the web: text, photos, even videos.

Immersed, engaged audiences

Focus attention on what matters by pinning content and displaying at-a-glance views of key story events. Sidenotes, social sharing and other engagement features let your community voice their opinion while driving traffic right back to your site.

Extend the life of your stories

Storify 2 is built on Livefyre Engagement Cloud, helping you turn real-time content into long-term, reusable assets. Store, tag and organize content in your social library to repurpose your best posts and re-engage readers weeks, months, even years down the road.

A use case for every story

Breaking News

Up-to-the-minute, non-stop updates from any source, every time.

Live Blogging

Conferences, sporting events and award shows, showcase everything that happened, live.

Hashtag Campaigns

Capture and report your hashtag’s results, or curate the best user content.


Archive your next discussion with talent for a new show, album and more.

Show? Tell? Engage audiences how you want with customizable app packages. Your site, your method of engagement.

Visualization Apps

See people engage and shape experiences in a real-time, visually-pleasing format.

Conversation Apps

Give your audience an engaging forum for free-flowing, curated conversation.

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