The concept of annotations is ingrained in human history – it’s how we instinctively organize and interact with information as we read. With the ability to comment directly on a specific element, readers can generate more relevant, thoughtful conversations around content.

This new white paper explores how enabling real-time collaboration around any piece of content has the power to fundamentally change the way we interact with each other online. Learn how annotated comments can:

Focus the conversation: Readers can decide precisely which items on a page they would like to discuss, whether it be a quote, a music lyric or an image.

Forge deeper connections: By identifying with a particular point from an author or fellow reader, the content becomes more personal.

Provide valuable context: As readers offer personal insights, background information or additional sources, value is added to the original content.

With Livefyre Sidenotes annotation software, consumers will be able to leverage this form of collaboration on over 1 billion page views a month, driving widespread adoption of this new paradigm.

Download this white paper now to learn how annotated comments can inspire more thoughtful, focused and engaging conversations around your own content.

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